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Conflict is all around us because it is the natural evolution of all life, and that includes new ideas, new opportunities, and new perspectives. Working with us will support you in understanding your own attachment style and unlearning avoidant behaviors. Once you learn to notice the friction that precedes conflict as the indicator that change is coming, we help you to learn what you/and your team need to embrace change and allow the temporary discomfort and the ease of the progress that follows.


Our approach to Coaching is based on Positive Intelligence, CBT, and Somatic practice. There are many coaching formulas, we just happen to like the way these practices work. We will support you in identifying your core principles, your healthy boundaries, and staying aligned with yourself regardless of the situation. This means developing or enhancing your own self-awareness, differentiating the sound of your intuition and your ego, and managing yourself and others through conflict. Everything we do is so that you can understand, feel empowered, and move through the moments that pause you and or your team. Lets talk

Corporate Affairs is the water in the glass for any successful organization’s reputation management goals. It encompasses strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, and external relationships including government, media, investors, and the public. Indwelling will enhance your organizations trust factor, support you in risk mitigation and partner with you to create or maintain a viable business environment for your organization. View more


A Coach trained in behavior science who also has real experience as a corporate affairs leader can offer remarkable insights by providing battle tested methodologies, perspectives, and guidance in supporting a team or individual in achieving professional and personal goals.  View more 



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