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Patrice Webb is a respected corporate affairs executive and organizational scientist with over 20 years of experience who is also trained in mindfulness. For most of her career in public affairs leading teams and national efforts working with non-profits, trade associations, consumer goods, and technology. Her portfolio includes domestic and global efforts to educate, engage, and change behavior. 


It's not typical for a corporate affairs/public affairs professional to also be trained in grief processing and leadership coaching, and that's only a portion of what makes Patrice unique.  During the pandemic of 2020, she became aware of a colleague who had recently and abruptly resigned and talked about putting his home up for sale and relocating to a remote area. She quickly recognized that habitual isolation was a red flag and alerted HR that a wellness visit was warranted and that was a saving grace to get the colleague the support he needed. That incident flashed a bright light for her that it was time to begin using her mindfulness training in a more direct way and she launched Indwelling Consulting in the summer of 2021. Motivated by understanding that everyone will experience grief and trauma, she began tracking the tactics she used in her public affairs & behavior change corporate work to understand best practices and embark on a mission to help people get out of their own way and into a better relationship with themselves and the world around them. 


As a scientist she starts with curiosity to gather data that challenges, supports, and inspires new information, ideas, and connections. As a  content creator, workshop facilitator and collaborator,  she leans on the belief that humans are resonant at the core but often get paused by past grief or trauma that can block them from making the best decision, taking the best action, or being the better leader.   


Pairing her professional, academic, and mindfulness training she helps her clients start with curiosity, consider data, and embrace change. There is a gap between knowing and practicing mindfulness skills at work. In the gap is where innovation, engagement, and authentic leadership await integration and where Indwelling Consulting stands ready to be your partner.

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