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We can all use a cheering squad from time to time. We call our approach to coaching, being a KindnessGangsta™ and it’s based in the pillars of positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. We know that 80% of our thoughts are negative and of that, 95% are on repeat. We have learned that to change any habit, it must be clear, easy, and satisfying. Everyone is unique and we’ll work with you to identify your path forward to be in the best relationship possible with yourself and all your relationships. Whether it’s 1:1, small groups, teams, or a workshop our work together will be based on building self-awareness, then identifying pain points, and green shoots of potential for you and your team.


The KindnessGangsta™ methodology can be added to previously existing trainings to build and enhance self-awareness and acceptance. It can be used with small and large groups to support the organization’s people in dealing with internal and external conflicts, self-awareness & acceptance, ACEs, and depression. Depending on the need, we will engage appropriate SME’s to ensure the approach is appropriate, impactful, and memorable.


We work with teens! The statistics from the CDC and The Crisis Text Line tell us that teens and young adults are seeking tools to help manage their experiences with stressors like sadness and depression, stress and anxiety, relationships, finances, health issues, and social behavior post COVID. Our coaching can be a compliment to any mental health strategy and can also be used as a conversation starter for organizations like schools, teams, community groups.


Together, we’ll create a path forward that will include setting boundaries, embracing the gifts of conflict, and normalizing the unpredictability of grief. The space we create is non-judgmental and supports exploration of thoughts, fears, aspirations.

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